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Dr Perrine Brusini

Perrine Brusini (past member of the BabyRhythm project)

Hello,  my name is Perrine, I am a researcher specializing in language acquisition in babies.

Because speech comes so naturally to us we don't really realize all the complicated process our brains have to do when we speak or listen to someone (recognize the sound, decide which word is being spoken, combine their meanings etc.). The speed with which the brain realizes all these skills remains mysterious and I want to help to explain how it happens. Babies are really interesting to study as not only do they have to figure out all the complexities of language but their brain also has to put these processes in place for the first time.

I have been working with infants for 8 years now, in France (my birth place) and in Italy too and I am really looking forward to working with them again.

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