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Mr Panos Boutris (past member of the BabyRhythm project)

Hello! I’m Panos and I’m one of the researchers working in the BabyRhythm project.

Imagine that, all of a sudden, we are put in a place where people around us speak an alien language we’ve never heard of, but we are expected to learn it by just observing; but, even in this case, we have an advantage, unlike a new-born baby, because we already expect a purpose from every interaction and can rely on body language.

When a baby is born, all they hear is sounds that people around them make, that make absolutely no sense. How do they assign meaning to what first seems as “gibberish”? How are they able to cut a continuous sound wave, which is speech, into syllables, words and sentences? For that, a baby’s brain needs to follow the rhythm of speech, and progressively, with enough exposure to intonation, stress, facial expressions and movement, language starts making sense. Isn’t that amazing?

I am so excited to have joined the team and I am looking forward to working with the babies and their families.

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